Developing a Biblical Worldview

A biblical worldview begins with God in Genesis, chapter one and verse one. A Biblical worldview is viewing the world, the beginning of the world, people in the world, the problems in the world, governments in the world, issues in the world, solutions for the problems in the world, and the future of the world -- through God’s Word.

A biblical worldview requires that you know what the Word of God teaches!

Everyone has a worldview whether they realize it or not. Your response to news about an abortion clinic is based upon your worldview. Your response to school shootings is based upon your worldview. Your response to evolution is based upon your worldview. Your response to issues of life and death is based upon your worldview. Everyone has developed a "system of beliefs" and core values that they operate from. The goal is to be sure that this "system of beliefs" is based totally on the Word of God!

A Biblical worldview cannot be based upon any human system of beliefs and values.

The best way to define a worldview is "simply how you see the world". If you were to put on a pair of glasses that had "blue lenses" everything you see would be "blue". If you were to put on a pair of glasses that had "green lenses" everything you see would be "green".

The same is true for a worldview. In a biblical worldview, everything you see should be viewed through the Word of God. If you have an atheistic worldview (one that does not include God) you will seek to develop an answer for every situation, issue or problem that does not include God. For example, an atheistic worldview does not allow for creation because there is no God. From their perspective, the world came to be out of naturalistic causes, not because God created it. If you are coming from an atheistic worldview, you will do everything in your power to promote your view and discredit your opponent’s view.

There are basically two worldviews.

The center piece of a biblical worldview is God, while the center piece of an atheistic worldview is nature and man. A biblical worldview has it’s entire focus on God, while an atheistic worldview does everything in its power to be sure God is not a part of the world.

One acknowledges God while the other believes there is no God. One believes that God created the universe, while the other believes that naturalistic causes brought our world into existence. One believes that God created man, while the other believes that man came into existence through millions of years of evolution. One believes that God has given us a moral code of ethics, while the other believes that men are to establish their own code of ethics. One believes that sin is man’s greatest problem, while the other believes that we are all basically born good but due to negative influences people have become bad. One believes man’s greatest problem is solved spiritually, while the other believes that man’s problems are solved through government intervention, more education, technological developments or a variety of other ways. One believes that every man and woman has a soul, while the other believes men and women do not have a soul. One believes that every man or woman has an eternal destiny while the other believes that either life ends at death or they believe in some system of reincarnation.

Developing a worldview has a far greater impact than you might initially think. For if you have a biblical worldview you will know how to respond to issues in the world. Having a biblical worldview gives you confidence, answers to life’s problems, and a hope for the future.

I have often compared a biblical worldview to building a grid. The sample grid below does not cover all the areas in life, but it represents some of the major issues in life. As Christians we need to -- we must -- understand what the Bible has to teach in all these areas. Without a biblical understanding we have left ourselves open and vulnerable to adopting many of the false teaching and false systems of the world. Unless you know and understand the truth, anything sounds good and reasonable. Many a person has fallen for a lie, simply because they did not know the truth.

We must know and understand what the Bible has to teach in the following areas:

Creation Man Man’s Nature Man’s Problem
Solution to Man’s Problem Jesus Salvation:
Only One Way
Purpose in Life
Death Heaven Hell Bible
Marriage Children Materialism Government
Abortion Capital Punishment The World Homosexuality
Other Religions Cults Prophecy  
Hate Crimes Money Discipline of Children Aids
Infanticide Euthanasia Over Population Political Correctness
Family Reliability of Scripture School Shootings Separation of Church and State
Welfare Bankruptcy Gambling / Lotteries Same Sex Marriages

If you do not know what the word of God says about these issues, and why they are right or wrong, you are not operating with a biblical worldview. You are simply operating in a "default mode" and vulnerable to believing what the majority of people are saying.

If your grid is empty, many things you see, hear, or read might make sense -- because you do not have the plumb line of truth to compare it to.

The question is: Is your grid based upon what God’s Word says, or what the world has taught you? If it is full of God’s Word, then you will be able to discern if something is true or false. For example, if I hear someone make the statement, "Abortion is not taking a life. You do not become a human being until birth." I filter this information through my "biblical grid" and based upon my study of God’s word, I can say, "That is false". I know this because I understand what God’s Word has to teach about this topic. Life begins at conception. It is God who forms us while still in the womb. Every life is valuable in God’s eyes because we are made in His image, and the taking of a human life is murder.

It is only when we understand a biblical worldview that we can best understand life on this earth. For it is a biblical worldview that answers the questions, where did we come from? Why are we here? What is our problem? What is the solution? And where are we going?

It is only when we have developed a biblical worldview that we can properly understand how God relates to our vocation, our family, our neighbors, our nation, and our material possession.

 Worldview Comparison

Biblical Worldview
Naturalism / Atheistic Worldview
God There is a God There is no God
Creation God created world as recorded in Genesis World came from natural causes
Man God created man Came into existence through millions of years of evolution
Man’s Nature Born with a sinful nature Basically born good, but due to negative influences turns bad
Man Greatest Problem Sin Negative influences in world, culture
Solution Spiritual Many ways: government intervention, more education, technological developments, removal of religion
Jesus Son of God, Savior of the world. Was a "good" man. Rejection of his miracles and teaching!
Miracles Miracles can only be explained by supernatural intervention. All events have a naturalistic explanation.
Moral Code Given to us by God in Bible Society has ability to develop best moral code, (or dictatorship, or opinion polls.)
Tolerance Live by Biblical Standard Accept everyone and every system, (with exception of those with religious values)
Abortion Life begins at conception and formed in womb by God. High value place on a life. Since God did not create life, the value of life is less -- and can be disposed of.
Homosexuality God intended for one man to be with one woman Acceptance based upon cultural moral code and opinion polls
Marriage One man united with one woman. Lives by no real moral code -- do whatever feels good, no accountability, self serving, me focused.
Children Life begins at conception, valuable to God, Asset to family unit. Value begins after birth, Important to society
Government Ordained by God, allowed by God, under God’s authority Many view government systems as solution to man’s problems
Evil In World Allowed by God, but will one day be removed from world. According to some worldviews: due to ownership of property, wealth, religion, lack of education, lack of government control.
Satan A real person in conflict with God and God’s people. Mystical person created by religious people. Total rejection.
Purpose in Life God focus Man focus
Soul Everyone has an eternal soul No one has an eternal soul
Salvation Only through Jesus "We are our own salvation"
Death Everyone will die Everyone will die
After Death Every man and woman has an eternal destiny Nothing happens or some form of reincarnation
Heaven Literal place where believers go for eternity We make our own heaven here on earth. (No biblical heaven)
Hell Literal place where non-believers go for eternity No literal hell. We can have hell here on earth.
Bible God’s Word Simply myth & legend

Understanding God’s design for our world, and building a biblical system of beliefs (worldview) will result in more meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in life.

© copyright - 2000, Ethan Pope